VMS would like to thank their customers for another great season in 2017


Congratulations to these top three finishers:

Phil Wang                         F1200 Series & CASC (Engine)                                    1st place

Megan Gilkes                   F1200 Series                                                                    2nd place

                                            SCCA Southwest Region                                               2nd place

                                            CASC                                                                                3rd place

Jessie Ward                      CASC (Engine)                                                                2nd place

                                           F1200 Series       (Engine)                                             3rd place

Paul Subject                     F Libre Ontario Region (FM)                                       1st place

Murillo Latoure               FV Challenge Cup Championship                              1st place

Matt Garwood                  FV Challenge Cup Championship                              2nd place

Trevor Carmody              FV Challenge Cup Championship(Engine)              3rd place

Ray Carmody                   FV Challenge Cup Masters (Engine)                          1st place

We would also like to recognize SCCA Runoffs VMS Competitors Megan Gilkes, Brent Gilkes and Guy Bellingham.

Thanks to Millers Oils (Bill Comat) for their support of the F1200 series.

Thanks to Richard Coburn and Melissa Ferrell for providing us with wonderful pictures for our website.

Thanks to Eugene Cartini for keeping the VMS website functional and current.

Thanks to Ken Ferrell for all his help again this year


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Entering my fifth season with the Vallis Motorsport team guided by Bill Vallis, I can always count on the VMS team to provide me with a race winning quality car. I would highly recommend Vallis Motorsport to anyone interested in venturing into regional racing. Be prepared to run up front when under the Vallis Motorsport banner.”

– Matt Garwood, 2015 FV Challenge Cup Series Champion


“I have been working with Bill Vallis & Vallis Motor Sport since 2011. Since that time, Bill and I have won the CASC Formula Libre Championship in 2012, finished 2nd in 2014 and 3rd on 2015. Bill has always provided the highest level of quality and service which has lead, in a large part, to our success with our Formula Mazda.”

-Paul Subject, 2012 CASC-OR Formula Libre Champion